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Cindy Harris has lived and worked in Los Angeles since the late seventies. Her earliest years were spent in a Japanese POW camp, difficult years of hardship and extreme depravation that spawned a need for beauty and orderliness in her life.

This remained a premier issue through struggles and plenty, both as a single mother and a socially adept wife with enormous responsibilities. Throughout, the question of time management and order became the model for an organized lifestyle. Every minute had to be productive, first for her children, then for her own goals and, finally, to accommodate her husband's busy schedule. What she taught herself the hard way as she juggled earning a living, rearing two sons, obtaining an advanced degree and being the wife of a prominent businessman with a huge public life, she turned into a model for the modern urban woman, where each step became accounted for.

After her divorce, her life settled into a new and creative phase: Cindy continues to practice the ‘thinking neat’ philosophy in her own home in Brentwood, California, where she has established a sacred space for writing her books. She is currently at work on ‘Annie’s War,’ a novel based on her grandmother’s memoir of their time in the Philippines.

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About the Author